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banda ancha

Avisos de Contratación

Request for Quote(s) for Professional Services for: Advertising and Design Services

Fecha Límite para enviar propuestas:
October 10, 2023
Número Aviso

The Governor of Puerto Rico, by means of the Executive Order No. 2022-040, created the Broadband Program in Puerto Rico (PRBP or the Program) under the PROMB and established the Executive Committee to supervise and administer disbursements of federal funds pursuant to Public Law 117-58, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the Broadband Infrastructure Grant, the Capital Project Fund, and the Fiscal Plan, as certified by the Fiscal Oversight Management Board. In the past months, the PROMB has been awarded additional funding for the PRBP by the NTIA by means of the State Digital Equity and BEAD planning grants. The PROMB will carry out broadband activities through the PRBP by integrating the use of the allocated and awarded funds.

The Proposer will be directly responsible for ensuring the accuracy, timeliness, and completion of all tasks assigned under this contract. The scope of work presented is based upon circumstances existing at the time of solicitation. The OGP reserves the right to modify or delete the tasks listed and, if appropriate, add additional tasks prior to and during the term of the contract.

If additional funds are allocated to the PROMB during the life of the contract, Proposer staff may be assigned to work on those future funds awarded and potentially expand those services to accommodate other similar programs yet to be defined. There is no guarantee of a minimum level of services which may be requested by the PROMB under a contract.

The role of the Advertising and Design Services Firm plays a key role in the execution of the awarded, time-sensitive project.

The time-period under which the services must be provided is from October 2023 until June 30, 2024.

The entity that will offer services must have an active account and an active RUP ASG registration at the time of submittal of the Proposal for Professional Services, which is October 10, 2023.

The organization that offers the services must meet the following requirements.

• Deliver high quality services as outlined below with skill, integrity, confidentiality, accuracy, and expertise.

• Must have Creative Advertising and Design experience gained within a B2C environment.

• Experience within Government, Telecoms or Broadband would be an advantage.

• Excellent stakeholder, agency, and communication skills (English and Spanish)

• Proficient use of office, design and project managing tools and software.

• Available to start with little or no notice.

• Are knowledgeable concerning Information Technology (IT) and their administration, procedures, and policies, including in-depth knowledge of Broadband, technology, Communications functions, and best practices.

• Have an established reputation for superior consulting.

• Are experienced in conducting similar Advertising and Design Strategies.

• Possess a comprehensive understanding of how government organizations (preferably in the IT sector) are structured and function and Offer services on a competitive fee basis.

• Manage the visual communication of the PRBP to users, media, public and private partners.

• Works with the PRBP to execute strategic marketing communications and materials.

• Responsible for the management of the end-to-end creative process.

• Management of large multimedia and production budgets.

• Responsible for campaign planning including measures of success.

• Design and execution of promotion initiatives for the PRBP.

• Responsible for reviewing and approving through the line execution.

• Conducting planning sessions with our board of directors, staff, and key stakeholders.

• Concept development, including quality graphic design.

• Develop original copy (text), copywriting, translations, and editing, including Spanish and other language marketing collateral for Communications & Outreach Services as needed.

• Professional third-party review of our current communications strategic plan. Description of Task: The Consultant will work with the Executive Director and senior

management to design a communication and marketing plan that visually identifies the program’s key messages, target audience(s), and potential communication actions.

• Support outreach firm with invitees and graphic materials.

• Manage the PRBP's social media outlets.

• Create branding and brand experiences to connect with communities and drive more engagement.

• Develop position papers and programs to anticipate and contribute to the public debate, regarding access to information and communications policy.

• Assist the PRBP design and conduct working sessions with board members, staff, and key stakeholders. Description of Task: The consultant firm will work with the Executive Director and Broadband team to incorporate visuals identified in the work sessions into a final version of the Board’s communication plan, and to develop a detailed implementation plan for 2023 that focuses on implementing identified priorities. The final draft will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and key partners.

• Provide recommendations and strategies as deemed appropriate to enhance the Program’s image, messaging, and brand identity.

• Develop videos, newsletters, social media and website content, and fact sheets for District events, initiatives, projects, and services.

• Develop strategies for countering misinformation and misconceptions.

• Provide the PRBP team with guidance on advertising best practices as a critical Communications & Outreach Services source for social media content.

• Identify appropriate imagery to aid social media posts’ work impact and reach.

• Build messaging that can be used in various channels, including social media, and paid traditional media, to target critical audiences through timely and relevant channels to drive awareness, create an emotional connection, educate on important actions, and drive traffic to the website & program.

• Assist with event production and promotion as needed.

• Assist in the coordination and management of suppliers for event production as needed.

• Submit monthly reports to the PRBP by summarizing activities during the previous month before identified due date.

• Meet with the Community Outreach Manager and Coordinator to discuss reports and deliverables.

• Proposals submissions shall contain the following information. A general description of the Consultant firm’s approach to this project, including an explanation of the approach and methodology used.

A “not-to-exceed cost” to perform the scope of services should be listed above and include, if applicable, hourly rates to perform work and a fee schedule for reimbursable expenses.

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