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Avisos de Contratación

Request for Quote(s) for Professional Services for: Grant Implementation Compliance

Fecha Límite para enviar propuestas:
July 3, 2023
Número Aviso

Puerto Rico Broadband Program

In accordance with article 2(b) of Act No. 147-1980, as amended, known as the "Management and Budget Office Organic Act", Executive Order 2021-029 of April 27, 2021, the Circular Letter No. 013-2021 of the Puerto Rico Office of Management and Budget (PROMB), Executive Order 2022-040 of July 11, 2022, and the Regulations and Manuals adopted by virtue of the creation of the Puerto Rico Broadband Program (Broadband Program or the Program), the PROMB and is issuing this Request for Quote(s) for Support Efforts with grant administration and management for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) grant.

The Broadband Program is committed to promoting fair and open competition while seeking a competitive and cost-effective option. Proposals will only be received electronically through the Broadband Program webpage, Proposers are cautioned that the PROMB will not require nor accept physical proposal submissions, whether they be by courier, FedEx, UPS, DHL, personal delivery, or similar physical means, or by email.

The deadline to submit informal quotes/proposals is Monday, July 3, 2023.

The PROMB and the Broadband Program is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on sex, gender or sexual identity, race, age, national origin, religious creed, marital status, war veteran status, disability, or disability status.

Scope/Description of Work:

The following scope of services presents the minimum that will be required. Additional specific administrative support services and/or grant management duties may be assessed during the contract period as identified by PROMB and/or other federal regulatory requirements.


·      Assist in administration of grant proposals selected for funding which address outreach efforts for the ACP.

·      Assist in developing policies and procedures for ACP, as applicable.

·      Assist with creation and/or maintenance of project files. These files must demonstrate compliance with all applicable state, local, and federal regulations.

·      Assist with carrying out overall administration of grant related activities identified.

·      Assist with compliance and monitoring of contractors, subrecipients, and developers, as applicable, with projects awarded federal funding.

·      Assist with program design and/or development for activities identified PROMB ACP application.


·      Assist in establishing an internal financial tracking system to ensure funds are expended within established timelines.

·      Assist with review of draw requests submitted by contractors, subrecipients, and/or developers, as applicable.

·      Assist with management of FCC disbursement system.

·      Assist with the required risk assessments, subsidy layering, and/or underwriting of projects being considered for funding.


·      Support and assist PROMB in the compliance with procurement regulations and policies and in overseeing procurement processes to ensure the award processes are fair and meet applicable rules and regulations.

·      Design and execute procurement processes for the required contractors. Required contractors include:

o   Event Planning

o   Direct Mail

o   Media Campaigns

o   Digital Campaigns

o   Application Assistance

o   Outreach Materials Development


·      Assist with contractor compliance.

·      Assist with reporting requirements.

·      Assist with compliance and monitoring of outreach efforts.

·      Ensure recordkeeping compliance.


·      Assist in all project/program closeout tasks and submissions and ensure that all closeout documents are prepared and submitted as required.

·      Perform any other grant management duty or need, when requested, to ensure compliance with ACP grants and/or any other applicable federal and local requirements, rules, and regulations; and/or awarding entity requests under the grants.

·      Provide additional resources, as requested, to appropriately and timely respond to any other grant management duty or need.


  • Ensure that compliant procedures are followed with documents maintained and provided to satisfy all local and federal audit requirements, resulting in an audit financial report of all Broadband Program related activities, including electronic copies of all supporting documents.

·      Assist with preparation of project files identified as the subject of monitoring visits and/or audits by any requesting entity.

·      Assist with preparation of monitoring and/or audit responses to findings and/or concerns.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A general description of the Consultant firm’s approach to this project, including an explanation of the approach and methodology used.
  • A proposed timeline.
  • A “not-to-exceed cost” to perform the scope of services that includes the cost of developing administering, processing, and delivering survey data to the PROMB.

·      Knowledge of ACP grants fund requirements.

·      Personnel must be fully bilingual – documents will be worked in both English and Spanish.

·      Proponents must abide by all applicable regulations, both federal and state, that cover the Works that will be provided, including but not limited to, Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, Davis Bacon Act & Copeland "Anti-Kickback" Act (40 USC §§ 3141-3144 & 3146-3148; 40 USC § 3145), Equal Employment Opportunity (41 CFR Chapter 60), Safety Standards Act (40 USC §§ 3701-3708), among others.

·      Have the Certificación Única de Proveedores de Servicios Profesionales, issued by the Unique Registry of Professional Service Providers from the ASG.

·      If the entity is a legal person, a Certification with the names of all the owners, shareholders, and officers of the corporation.

·      Prior to the contract execution, the agency will search data bases, using their Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) to ensure that the proponent is not disqualified and can receive federal funds. As such, proponents must have their UEI and be registered in the System for Award Management, at the moment the proposal/quote is submitted or immediately after. For additional information on SAM, visit Contracts will be awarded only to an entity(ies) that is authorized and have not been deemed ineligible for the award of a contract due to a suspension, disabled, or limited denial of participation.

·      Any other requirement and/or document called for by applicable law for services of this nature.

Contract term: 12-month contract, renewable for an additional year. Contract will not exceed the grant performance term for ACP. The contract is dependent on federal and local fund availability and may be terminated if funds are not approved.

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